Think Twice Before Taking Steroids"Roid"

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Legal Steroids Also Known As Multi-Ingredient Pre Workout Supplements,Take To Increase Endurance,Energy And Focus During The Workouts.Pre Workouts Contain Variety Of Ingredients Such As Caffeine And Creatine.These Pre Workouts Are Usually Taken Mixed With Water And Taken Through 20-30 minutes Before The Beginning Of The Workouts. But In Bodybuilding Some Steroids Are Taken Orally Which Is Better Tolerated In Women Category Others Are Injected Intramascullaly And Still Others Are Provided In Gels Or Cream Then Applied To The Skin.

These Steroids Easily Enter Your Cells To The Estrogen Receptor.Where As They Can Move Into The Nucleus Attaching Themselves Inside The Body,Which Active Hundreths Of Genes To Increase Protein Synthesis While Slowing Protein Breakdown Of Muscles.

Female Users Can Interfere On Estrus Cycle May Decrease Sexual Drive,Development Of Mascularisation, And Gain Of Deeper Voice.Male Users May Experience Sperm Abnormality And Sperm Count And Also Decrease Hormone Production Which Necessary Form The Testicular Size Meaning Your Balls Will Shrink,Testosterone Level Become Low Causing Erectile Functioning.

They Can Also Cause acne,Rapid Weight Gain,Cholesterol And Stroke Leading To Death.But As Most Things They Can Come With Set Of Risk Side Effects That You Will Likely To Experience As Well So Think Twice Before Taking Steroids!!!

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