Lady dies two months after she posted this Facebook


Sandra Chinenye Oioha is a 22-year-old lady who made a public post about her dying on Facebook on April 4.

This is really sad. Sometimes people tend to make ridiculous statements all for clouds and just for social media.

What can one call this, prophesy or what?

Sandra has died two months after making a post about death on Facebook.

On the 4th of April, she wrote on Facebook "If I die in this lockdown no need for an autopsy. Na yam and red oil and garlic with salt kill me."

Sadly, Sandra died on June 12. According to her obituary, she died after a brief illness.

Unfortunately, there won't be any need for autopsy as the death had been credited to a brief Illness and not the yam, oil, garri and salt as she had declared in her post.

She would be laid to rest on Friday, July 3.

Friends are mourning her on Facebook while resharing her April post just as she posted it two months ago.

May her soul rest in peace