Lulu Hassan Says She Cannot Allow Rashid to Marry a Second Wife


Speaking in the Bi Msafwari show Lulu Hassan has affirmed that she cannot allow her husband Rashid Abdalla to marry another woman for things have changed. According to Rashid Abdalla it's allowed for if he has loved another woman then that's possible.

It's at this point that Lulu Hassan forgot herself and explained that she can not have kids with husband and allow him to marry another woman. She said it's better if she didn't know her husband has another woman than knowing it and accepting such.

According to Lulu Hassan, years back she would have accepted to be married as a second wife but for now she can't. She has seen it's bad effects a reason she can't accept such whatsoever as to her it's something misplaced.

However she left that to her husband Rashid Abdalla to decide of what she thinks as really it's painful thing to her. It's a fact to her that accepting husband to marry a second wife would be demeaning yourself as they will all through keep talking about you and your ills something she cannot allow whatsoever.


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