Presidents Of Djibouti, Eritrea And Seychelles


Below are the Presidents of Djibouti, Eritrea and Seychelles you should know. Who knows that one day you will be asked at the interview segment or by anyone.


Djibouti, small country on the northeast coast of the Horn of Africa situated on the Bab el Mandeb Strait, which lies to the east and separates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden. Ismail Omar Guelleh born 27 November 1947, is the current president of Djibouti. The 73 years old Guelleh known as IOG in the region by his initials has been in office since 1999.


Eritrea is located in East Africa and is bordered to the northeast and east by the Red Sea, Sudan to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and Djibouti to the southeast. Isaias Afwerki who was born 2 February 1946 is the current president if Eritrea since 1993. He became the first president of Eritrea after he successfully led the Eritrean People's Liberation Front to Victory in 1991 they ended the 30 year old war for independence from Ethiopia.


Wavel Ramkalawan who was once an opposition MP for almost 27 years is the current president of The Republic of Seychelles since 2020. Born 15th March 1959, Ramakalawan also serves as a priest of the Anglican church.


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