Zora: Confusion as Madiba and Kwame Kills Their Mother for Hiding Their Identity

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The episode starts when Madiba was called by Gerald's friend to show him his inheritance. They met at Mzee Simba's home so that they can convince him about the will of his father. However, he was taken by Gerald's friend to the farm that belonged to Gerald to show him how he had divided land against his two sons.

However, in the process of explaining to Madiba how his friend wanted to divide his property between his sons, Gerald's friend shows Madiba the plot that belongs to him and another one that belongs to his younger brother. Upon hearing about his younger brother, Madiba left Gerald's friend while still talking and goes away. The man was confused because Madiba did not let him finish what he was explaining to him.

Madiba goes straight home to look for Kwame to break the news to him. At first, Kwame could not understand what Madiba was talking about until he talked about the real name of their father, Gerald Sandy. Kwame was angry and they stormed her mother's room and asked her why she had to hide the identity of their father. They could not believe that their mother duped them to believe that they were Chibale's. They hit her hard and left her in the room.

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