Your mum spent 9 months making your heart - Lady Posted On Tweeter

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"Your mum spent 9 months making your heart, don't let anyone break it in one day" a lady named Ewawunmi posted this on her tweeter page and this has got alot of reactions from people. Some criticise her for her theory and some even support her theory

These are some reactions

My own question for her is that, is it a mother that makes the heart of a child and how come does she come up with this nonsense theory?

According to science, the heart started it work after 21- 22 days of development of human in the womb.And also it is one of the earlier organ that develops in human. So this theory of her has contradict with that of science.

Lol, social media this day is full of filthy things that are not even beneficial to human world. Some people just bounce on there keyboard and post things that their hearts desire and spread all over social media. Be mindful of the opinion and theories you posted on social media, know that this can bring confusion to human word. Especially in the case of an innocent student that see this kind of theory posted by this lady, he/she might think she is correct and this can leads to failure in examination.

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