3 steps to make your prayer requests effective.

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Sometimes we pray, it would seem like our prayers are not answered. There are certain factors which can contribute to that. Despite these factors, there are steps which we can take to make our prayer requests effective.

If you want to make your prayer requests effective, you can take these three (3) steps to achieve it.

1. Ask for forgiveness of sin: this is the first thing you should do in prayer. It is obvious that sin can hinder the effectiveness of your prayer request. That is the reason you need to ask for forgiveness of sin before you make your requests to God. God is a merciful God, HE will always forgive you. And when you have done this, you then have to believe that your sins are forgiven and they cannot be a hindrance to your prayer request anymore.

2. Pray against the powers of hindering spirits: after you have asked for forgiveness of sin, you take the next step of praying against the powers of darkness which may rise to hinder your prayers. If you are spiritually conscious, you will know that there certain evil forces which tend to oppose the prayers of Christians. However, you do not have to relax; you have to pray against these evil powers.

3. Make your prayer request: after you have prayed against the powers of hindering spirits, you can make your prayer request. But while making your requests, you should be wise enough not to make frivolous requests. God may not answer your prayer if your requests are selfish or frivolous.

These steps will help you if you adhere to it. May God bless you, Amen!

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