Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals Alleged Origin of The Viral Video Which Ruto Confessed Almost Slapping Uhuru

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The viral video in which DP Ruto confessed almost slapping Uhuru has left all and sundry wondering where it originated from. The video which is circulating online has left many speculating about the nature of DP Ruto's temper.

Mutahi Ngunyi , a political analyst has alleged that the video was recorded during DP Ruto's meeting with a section of Kikuyu elders. He claimed that the meeting was attended by some spies who may have recorded and leaked the video .

Ngunyi suggested that the video was recorded by one of the 1200 elders who held a meeting with DP Ruto at his official residence in Karen. "Kwani meeting ya Kikuyu elders na DP Ruto ilikuwa na spies ? " ,he queried .

" Kikuyus continue to lie to Ruto and August 9th will prove my point ", he said.

DP Ruto has since owned the video and defended himself by saying that he could not allow DP Ruto to surrender the seat since they campaigned for it.

What are your thoughts on this?

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