How some parents faced the law for taking indecent pictures of their children.


A couple,Alma Vasguez and Sergio Diaz took a picture of their naked baby being "butt kissed" by the baby's father,Sergio Diaz. A worker saw the picture and reported it to the police and the parents got arrested. They accused the father of sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual abuse both the charges were dropped due to the presence of the baby's mother at the time the picture was taken.Both parents were deported back to their home country.

An Italian woman was jailed for 3 years under child pornography laws for taking indecent photos of her 3 children, aged 3 and 18 months. The woman was reported to the police by child protection agency Appogg.

In 2017,the mother and father were put separately in court after over 70 photos and videos showing their children showering together with their parents and other nudity in domestic settings.

A british-born Melbourne father also took a naked picture and videos of himself infront of his 3 young children got jailed. He was jailed for 2 and half years,registered as a serious sexual offender for life and also got deported. During his hearing in court,he admitted taking photos of his nakedness with his children in the background. I another case,he took a picture of one of his daughters on his lap. They were both wearing clothes but he captioned the picture "8 years old on my cock" . He was accused of eight offences and he pleaded guilty to all including an offence of indecent act with and infront of his three children who were minors. He was remorseful during his hearing at the Victorian county court so he was sentenced to at least 20 months in prison.