UDA Candidate Leading Kiambaa Race With 54%,As Uhuru Team Plan To Market Raila


Top of the headlines for the Star magazine in Tuesday's newspaper is the story on UDA candidate being a step ahead in the race as opinion polls claim he has 54 % of the support.

The Kiambaa race is set to be a hotly contested seat in a battle for supremacy as William Ruto affiliated UDA will lock horns against Jubilee party.

In a recent election,UDA candidate Koimburi thrashed a Jubilee candiate Susan Wakapee in a by election.This showed that UDA was becoming more popular while Jubilee was losing momentum in the ground.If Kiambaa also faces the same fate then we won't be wrong to say Jubilee is dying a natural death.

Also, on Uhurus team plans to market Raila Odinga in Central Kenya, remember Jubilee are set to enter into a coalition agreement with ODM ahead of 2022.Because of this, both parties are set to have one flagbearer and all fingers point to Raila Odinga.

The Luo nation is okay with that, however the people from central are still undivided on whether to support Raila or Ruto.A majority are for Ruto though.

Another story on the Star headlines is the killing of the Homabay KMTC student.Thats all for the Tuesday headlines.

WillyKim kenya_public@operanewshub.com