Willy Paul Finally Replies To Djshiti's Comment On His Most Previous Post


So the popular comedian Djshiti commented on Willy Paul's post. The one he is hanging out with Bahati and Dkkwenyebeat just bromancing.

So Djshiti went on saying:"wacheni kusifiana hivyo kwa comment mutashtukiana mumenyonyana."

There are some reactions brought about by that. Most of them were kenyan and they really shows some love to him.

Bahati backed up his brother by saying :"sasaaa Mama wa -Boxer, Niletee Medium size Mbili"

So guess what Willy Paul Msafi said.

Yeah you guessed it right. He actually teases Bahati by saying:"wewe thing ndo inakufaa... uchape na ile dress yako alafu Diana akuongezee ka makeup lako kazuri...ukuwe msupa".

Willy Paul really did it there.

No one expected this of him cause they are real close or is it just jokes. You tell me.

So imagine what Bahati will do and tell me. Will he comment back joke fully or .....?

Remember in their previous post, we saw Dkkwenyebeat try to shove Willy Paul in the car boot for joking about his weight gain.

So you tell me.

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