Ancestors communicate with us through dreams

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Your unconscious mind is a communication channel of the physical world and the spiritual world. It's a medium of Ancestors sending messages to you. 

Now, when you dream something it doesn't end on you looking for interpretations. You have to communicate with your ancestors in your dreams. Pray and tell your Ancestors that yes you received the message and you understand it in this certain way given by an interpreter.

When you then have the dream again, it simple means you are understanding of it is not accepted you need to evaluate it further in a different way.

Which is also one reason why you may find a person having a common dream Everytime. It's simply because you are not doing anything with what you are being told. 

Guys, you will not be taken to the next step if you Ignore your dreams. If you dream capes or a gown , have it and dress the spirit that needs it in you.

Then that spirit will have the next assignment on you. Same with beads, if you dream certain beads go have them or you will suffer the ignorance of the first spirit.

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