Mbosso's Twin Brother? (Video)

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Mbosso is a talented musician from our neighboring country Tanzania. He is actually a talent artist who has managed to release some hit songs that have shaken the music industry in East Africa. Right from one of the best record labels in Africa which is WCB.

It is always said that in the universe there has to be someone who liks like you if it's not the exact version of you since we are all unique. Singer Mbosso has actually gotten himself a twin brother whom netizens say that he is just a spitting image of him.

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Speaking in an interview, the young man has actually said that he is looking for the singer. With strong allegations that he is his younger brother. Adding that they have real blood ties.The allegations have not yet been confirmed whether they are true or not. The young man has got even the same hairstyle with the singer.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CZPE5xAPdxs/?utm_medium=copy_link

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