One Critical Question Mike Bamiloye Asked Ladies Who Dress Seductively To Church And 2 Ways It Can Be Answered

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Mike Bamiloye, the founder and general Overseer of Mount Zion ministry had dropped a bombshell on the trending worldly activities that have pervaded the churches across the country.

The drama minister has this time directed his bullet towards the ladies in today's Churches whose activities have turned the mood in worship centres to that of night club.

Considering the societal pressure on some churches to be up to date and meet their members demands, many churches have compromised on their standards and followed the trend of things.

This has also made some of their members to continually go beyond borderline during the godly hours in the Church.

It was on this bedrock that Mike Bamiloye put a short piece on social media to analyse the trend and ask a critical question from ladies who engage in such acts in churches.

In his statement, Bamiloye said:

"You dressed seductively to Church: you dress to kill. You danced suggestively to praise and worship songs. You danced to kill. You tagg yourself, Slay Queen in the house of God. Are you a Hired Assassin?"

This is a serious question that need to be asked in virtually all the pentecostal churches in Nigeria. And the only way to answer such a question is to look deeply into where it all began and what took our churches to where it is today.

Firstly, the urge to attract more members to the church in order to maximize contribution, tithe and offerings is the source of problems currently confronting the churches today.

Many churches have turned members population to competition where numbers of worshipers now become factor that determines the success of pastors. Hence, anybody can freely come into the Church and put up an unusual display without being cautioned by the pastor. 

This is because if they do, there is tendency such memebrs would live the Church and will not only reduce the population but also reduce the financial standard. 

To this end, the first answer to the question is that those ladies literally turned them to assisn due to the failure of churches to set a spiritual standard for their members.

The second answer to the question is that those ladies are not fed with the raw word of God that can break them down, remold them and turn them into new beings.

Ordinarily, when a Church is reputed for an undiluted message, it will become too hot a place for anybody with such a trait to attend because once they do, they will feel embarrassed with the nature of sermon coming from the pulpit.

In order word, those lady decided to turn themselves to slay queen in church because the pastors in those Churches make it convinient for them to operate.

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