Kuami Eugene reportedly throws plush birthday party for his house help, Mary (PHOTOS)

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Ghanaian hiplife musician Kuami Eugene has shown an act of benevolence when he hosted a birthday party for no other person than his house help, Mary.

Kuami Eugene holds birthday party for house help

Reports on Sunday, October 17, 2020, say Kuami Eugene organised the birthday party which was strictly by invitation to honour and make Mary happy at least on her birthday.

Participants of the said birthday celebration had a great deal to drink and eat. The reward was in bounty. 

Kuami Eugene, who charges a great deal to perform at birthday celebrations, performed with a live band and performed the majority of his hit melodies for Mary and the invitees. 

The "Bunker" vocalist additionally took to his authority Instagram record to wish Mary well on her birthday.

Kuami Eugene and Mary have reinforced so well. They have recordings internet having happy occasions in his home studio. 

The Rockstar frequently trains her how to sing, when they have these charming studio meetings. 

Mary, his home assistance who is very amusing, makes their recordings silly and enjoyable to look for quite a long time without getting exhausted. 

In one of the recordings, Kuami Eugene turned out to be distant from everyone else in his new studio; while he was having some good times by blending pummels and attempting to make some new sections, he could presumably frame to deliver one more hit tune. 

All the while, Mary entered the studio to serve Kuami Eugene's dinner to him.

Notwithstanding, this seemed, by all accounts, to be, somewhat, an interruption to the Rockstar; since as indicated by him, Mary's block attempt caused him to fail to remember his stanzas. 

Strangely, Kuami Eugene facetiously charged Mary to record the melody; since she intruded on him. 

Kuami Eugene is seen by numerous individuals via online media as a pompous character, yet a portion of his deeds these days appear to be the inverse. Perhaps one might become more acquainted with him well when you draw near to him than following him via online media.

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