Her maid has found love and people think i'ts with her husband. " She is in love with your husband "

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Falling in love is a beautiful thing and Bonisile took to twitter to talk bout her live in helper. The helper has been working for them for some time now. She is now part of their family. She says she just found out that she is in love. She is always on her phone smiling and she is happy for her. Bonisile says she can't wait to meet her man and people told her that maybe the man is her husband.

"Our helper has found love and it is so cute to watch. I always catch her giggling on her phone and I don’t know who the man is but she has started involving Mihla in their phonecalls." She tweeted.

"Its all fun and games until the helper starts making breakfast and lunch for her bae while you are at work using your groceries. I also recommend that you change your bed linen more often." Said @Castle_Larger.

"Are you sure you don't know her man? She might be closer than you think. Be careful. " Said @Gavin_Losh.

"Just make sure that it's not your husband." Said @Jamnandas1



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