4 Foods That May Contribute to Premature Skin Aging

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There are many "culprits that can accelerate the aging process of our skin". And when u talk about watching your diet, it's easier said than done.

Our discussion today is a helpful reminder of how certain foods can affect your skin and the manner your appear.

Many people are not aware that their body can be showing signs of aging that don't align with the number of their age.

Now let's take a look at the foods that accelerate the aging process fast.

Deep-Fried French Fries

As enticing and delicious as this may look, when you deep fry foods, you end up exposing the oil and fat to extremely high temperatures.

Due to this, free radicals, which is the main culprit in aging, are formed," according to research. These foods don't only cause havoc to your waistlines but to your organs and inner being.

Microwave Dinners

Many of us microwave our foods. The essence of the microwave, is to defrost and heat up foods. Some times we could even grill with it.

Unfortunately though, as it has been discovered, frozen meals that are microwaved contain a tremendous amount of sodium. Sodium therefore "contributes to water retention and an overall puffy, aged appearance," according to "Kayleen St. John, RD at "Natural Gourmet Institute" in New York City.

Energy Drinks

Alot of people also have this belief that energy drinks are very healthy, because of its name. Little do they know, that it is even more worse than normal soda drinks. Energy drinks are extremely high in sugar and very acidic. Due to this, it can damage the teeth and "leave them more prone to stains that will age your smile".

Also energy drinks are often high in caffeine and sodium. This content can lead to dehydration, especially if you drink this often. And dehydration happens to be one of the "main factors that contribute to wrinkles and older looking skin".

Hot Dogs

As delicious as this looks, preservatives used in processed meats tend to create free radicals within the body, according to "Lisa Hayim, MS, RD, and founder" of "The WellNecessities".

Free radicals are molecules that are unstable in the body that can damage the cells. They lead to chronic health problems. And some of this problems are cardiovascular, inflammatory disease, cataract, and even cancer.

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