Electoral Commission Announces Procedures For Conducting Voter Registration Exercise which begins on


The Electoral Commission of Ghana which is headed by Jean Mensah has announced to the general public, the guidelines/procedures that would be recognise for the compilation of the new voter register, which begins on tomorrow June 30, 2020.

According to Jean Mensah, eligible Ghanaians should prepare to take part in the six days voter registration exercise, as all protocols have been put in place to make sure that the exercise is executed smoothly.

She further stressed that this registration is backed by law, thus CI 126, so the exercise shall be based solely on the provisions of the CI 126. Any further operations outside the stipulated provisions shall be considered null and void. She urged Ghanaians to take note.

Though the matter of new voter registration was dragged to the law court by NDC, Jean Mensah stated emphatically that it is not of the interest of the Commission to disenfranchise any eligible Ghanaian that the Constitution gives the right to vote. But the interest is to make the EC function effectively towards the upcoming elections, Jean Mensah said.

For a Ghanaian to be legally accepted to register, the person should be in the possession of a valid Ghanaian passport, Ghana card for which a person must submit as evidence, or two persons who have already registered for the new voter ID card can stand in as guarantors for a person to register, should a person have none of the items enlisted.

Jean Mensah explained that the use of guarantors in the voter registration, which has created a whole lot of arguments and debates, is not a new thing in the system. She gave a record that during the voter registration that took place in 2014, out of 928,540 persons, 763,259 (82.2%) registered through guarantors. Also, 92.5% of the total registers used guarantors to register in the 2016 voter registration.

She cautioned Ghanaians to take the Covid-19 protocols seriously since the virus is still trending in Ghana. Despite the Covid-19, the EC has made adequate preparations, she said. They have deployed 7000 health assistance to the registration centers to help with health matter.

There is also a special package for the senior citizens (old age), pregnant women and people with poor health conditions. Such persons can go to the EC office in their constituency to register, or request for a form and fill at the registration center, which will be processed later.

Alongside the provision of a special package and observation of all protocols, Jean Mensah assured Ghanaians that all the 8000 computers have been tested and will work efficiently.

All eligible Ghanaians should comply and take part in this registration.

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