[Video] Magufuli Gives Nasty Response Over Claims on Higher Charges for Using Public Toilets


Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli is indeed a man not to face off with in public on matters of questioning anything including how things are being run under his government.

On his way to Mbezi where he got to engage the public to know exactly what kind of problems are being faced by residents from the area, one man came out boldly to question how things are being run beyond the public expectations by those in the authority under Magufuli's leadership.

Video link: https://twitter.com/MariaSTsehai/status/1365248283808051203?s=09

According to one resident from Mbezi town as you can watch in the video clip through the link above, they have been going through a lot a higher charges are being made to them when accessing public facilities.

Among them include using public toilets where they are being charged 500 Tanzanian Shillings, something which has appeared new to them.

However, according to President John Pombe Magufuli in his response, those complaining of such charges being taken should leave their shits at home before they get out of their places to public.

His response comes after confronting the complainer that the City Municipal do not take those charges and also the charges being taken are used for maintenance of those toilets and improving on their levels of hygiene to avoid contracting certain diseases.

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