How To Know If Your Online Guy is a Game Player


The time that a man proposes to a woman for the woman to ask him to give her time to think about seems to be less than the former.

Also those days whereby a guy used to hire someone to propose love to a girl or a woman for him is also gone almost entirely. 

Because we are in an era whereby technology is so much that it has even affected ways to propose to a woman, how a woman accepts proposals and a whole lot of things that deal with love.

And these days the most common one that is also reigning in the form of proposing love to people is through the internet which is popularly called online dating.

As a matter of fact although some ministers of God have been speaking and preaching against it yet some men of God are evening getting or finding love on line as well. And I have witnessed three weddings whereby the couples met online and they are happily living together with their kids.

But some guys and ladies have also taken advantage of this online dating and are using it to take advantage of the vulnerable and even the smart ones. 

And for one to know the game players among the faithful ones in love, check below:

They call and chat frequently

After they have had your contact on a dating site, they will start chatting with you and then propose somewhere along the line. To make you fall deeply in love and feel they are also seriously in love with you, they will chat with you regularly, sometimes three times a day. Meanwhile they will keep calling you with an international phone line within hours to hours. 

They do that to soak your mind and emotions in love. They will be very intimate to the extent that although you know they are overseas yet you will feel like they are with you. They make you wonder and plan towards your meeting day because of the way they show much care.

They keep changing their numbers and locations

These game players will tell you they are in a particular country in Europe but after some time they will tell you they have moved to a different country for assignment by the company they work with. They will then give you a different line to chat with you. When this happens regularly, know that you are dealing with a big time game player.

They only video call with you indoors

These game playing lovers will convince you with any convincing words to avoid video chatting with you outside their room. 

If they have to do a video call with you, they will only do it in their bedrooms and they will avoid making you see their ceilings at times.

And they will mostly keep doing the video at that particular room.

When you inquire to see his other rooms he will lovingly put your mind off of those requests with ease.

They arrive at the  airport without you meeting them

After chatting with them for some time they will tell you they are coming to pay a visit to know your parents and do their marital knocking or for familiarity and introduction to your parents and entire family.

And they will tell you the high class designer items they are bringing to you and entice you with the kind of places you will visit upon their arrival in the country. And this will make you get connected and trust him or her the most.

Then the day they arrive at the airport they will tell you not to come. They have a family member who will come for them so that they come and meet the next day. 

Sometimes they will tell you they have postponed the date for you to feel disturb why you are not meeting on the said date. All these are to repair your feeling for him to a higher dimension. Then the date finally came and they arrived in Ghana.

He or she will chat you on their arrival for you to prepare the meeting with your family.

They Get arrested by the Police 

Then the day comes and whilst waiting you will have a phone call with a Ghana number and this guy or lady will tell you he or she has been arrested by the Police for driving in Ghana without licence and also carrying an object he should have carried with him or her.

So the police are demanding a said amount that he or she wouldn't like to bring from his wallet because it's only dollars or euros. Therefore you should get a loan and send that money so that when he or she arrives you will go and do currency change to pay for the loan. And when you dare send the money that will be the end.

These guys are game players and they are not outside the country but within the same country. These are the games that are going on in the nation on online dating. Beware and stay focused please.

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