Survivors from the drowned Apam children are more than two.

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On today's morning Agenda TV show on Atinka TV, Owoahene Acheampong said "The survivors from the drowned children are more than two it is just that the two who were taken to the hospital got the chance to be interviewed and the other people who survived were at the shores"

According to him, the number of people who were dead are even more than 13, because the residents said, they initially buried some of the bodies before the mass burial yesterday.

Owoahene Acheampong on Atinka TV today also said, the number of children at beach were more than 20 people as claimed to be, because no knew the kids were at beach before they were drowned, because they didn't take the approved gate to enter the beach.

The survivors were taken to the hospital for treatment, there were not just two survivors but more, about to six to seven

Source: Atinka TV

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