Meet 5 Kenyan Admirable Celebrities Couples

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1.The Wajesus Family

Kabi Was Jesus and Milly Wa Jesus is one of the most appreciated superstar couple in Kenya.The two are several objectives on the web with matching outfits.

2.The Bahati's

Celebrated artiste and Mathare body electorate MP aspirant,Kevin Bahati and Diana Bahati is one of the most cherishing and honorable couple,they as of late did a joint effort named sweet love which is presently moving at Number 1.This hit made Bahati hit 1 million supporters being the second artiste in Kenya after Otile Brown.

3.Terrence Creative and Milly

Terrence Creative is hitched to Milly Chebet.The two as of late praised their tenth commemoration in marriage with Terrence Creative giving his better half a pristine vehicle.

4.The Murayas

Gospel artiste who is a now a minister and his significant other DJ Mo have been serving couple goals.The two have been honored with two children

5.Phil Director and Kate Actress

Previous Mother regulation entertainer Kate Actress and his charming spouse Phil Director who is a previous Tahidi high entertainer is one of the most respected couples in Kenya.

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