Man Shares His Experience Attending The Meeting Of Igbos Living In Alabama For The First Time


Igbos are one of the most traveled ethnic groups in Nigeria. No matter how far, developed or under developed the countries are. Maybe because of their illustrious and hard working nature. They like to seek greener pasture outside the shores of Nigeria.

A man named Ifeanyi Okpala had shared his experience attending the meeting of Igbos living in Alabama for the first time.. According to his testimonials on Twitter. The discussion during the meeting was all about the welfare of Igbo people living there. How to assist people, setting those who need financial aid up, those in school or getting married. Checkout his tweet:

"For the first time, I attended the monthly meeting of Igbos living in Alabama. It was just about support. $ set aside as start-up for any registered member marrying. $$$ for anybody graduating (Bachelors/Masters/PhD). $$ dedicated for hospital bills if needed. Ndi Igbo dikwa ike!" (Meaning, 'Igbos are string')

In the last part of his tweet, he said everybody was asking about his welfare, being his first time of coming to the meeting. He said he even got invited to go out and eat pounded yam and oha soup. Some said he should bring along his friends next time when he is coming. Everybody was so nice to him. He said these are accomplished men in different areas of life.

According to his bio, he is Ph.D Candidate, Teaching Fellow and Instructor of Record at University of Alabama. That's a good one I must say.

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