Opinion: FIFA Should Sanction North Macedonia Fans Who Pointed A Green Laser On Joshua Kimmich's Face

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Germany national team secured their spot in the 2022 world cup competition yesterday as they defeated North Macedonia at home by 4 goals to nothing, all thanks to Timo Werner who scored a brace in the space of 3 minutes during the game yesterday. During the game yesterday, some group of North Macedonia fans on the stadium, pointed a green laser in the face of Joshua Kimmich while their team was loosing to the Germany national team yesterday.

So because of that, I decided to put up this article to highlight one major reason while FIFA should sanctioned North Macedonia fans for their uncultured behavior yesterday.

FIFA should sanctioned North Macedonia fans who pointed the green laser in Joshua Kimmich face yesterday, because the green laser has the tendency of damaging the Retina of the eye, and serious problems can occur if the retina is damaged. Laser pointers can put out anywhere between 1 and 5 milliwatts of power, which is enough to damage the retina after 10 seconds of exposure. This can also lead to permanent vision loss.

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