It is wrong to say 'Call To Glory', say this instead


People normally use ' Call to glory' to mean as way of saying Goodbye to their loved ones who have passed away. People do make posters with this writing on it. Well Call To Glory is not a wrong English phrase. But the context which is being used here is wrong.

In the incident of making or bidding a farewell to a deceased love one, the correct phrase to use is 'Called To Glory'. That means, it should be stated in it's past tense. 

The death incident had occurred already and families wish their beloved is with the Creator by now. This means, it should be quoted in its past tense.

Saying 'Call To Glory' means a lot of things which is different to the deceased who have gone to glory.

People also use Obituary, Gone Too Soon, etc. The 'Gone Too Soon' was stated here correctly and not 'Go too soon'. 

This concludes our article for today as, it is right to say 'Called To Glory, and not 'call to glory'.

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