"Redraw The Military" the police service can handle the youth of Ejura and bring peace


The Military and police service are two different body trained with different mindset, the police is the best service to bring roits in the country to an end and not the military. The military is rather used to protect the country against external attacks, the number of youths or protesters in Ejura was not in huge numbers but the military presence was a form of declaring war. The riot going on in Ejura is as a result of the Kaaka's death. He was a very popular and loving person in the community everyone knew who he was, so this beefed up the situation. According to the police service suspects are arrested, relating to the death of Kaaka.

The MCE, Minister of defense and the President should bring this to an end before it gets out of hands. Redrawing the Military is the best way to solve this uproar in Ejura, this is not the first time something like this has happened in Ghana. The police handled similar events like this with care, and that did not escalate the issue to this standards. Ghana has a very good reputation to keep, concerning peace the police service is highly decorated to handle this the youth of Ejura are said to be seeking peace for Kaaka and nothing else. Since the military intervention,four people are said to be killed as a result of the military shotting into the crowds.

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