Senegalese Football Federation in search of a young fan who was seen celebrating in Senegal's shirt

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The Senegalese Football Federation is on the lookout for a young fan who was seen wearing Senegal's jersey and celebrating with his friends.

Senegal's city, Dakar, was flooded with hundreds of delighted fans on Monday as the country's 2021 African Cup of Nations champions were welcomed back home with open arms.

Crowds of supporters gathered in Senegal's capital city, Dakar, to give the country's won Africa Cup Of Nations squad a thunderous welcome.

Fans got into the spirit by swinging from the billboard frame and dancing on the tarmac. Following their first ever Africa Cup of Nations title, Senegal's AFCON2021 team touched down in Dakar, Senegal following a flight from Yaounde, Cameroon.

An classic photograph of a young beautiful Senegalese fan, however, was snapped as she joyfully celebrated Senegal's triumph. This iconic photograph has drawn replies from many, one of which came from the Senegalese Football Federation.

The Senegal Football Federation sent the following message on their Twitter account: "This photograph is just stunning...

Contribute to the search for this little baby!"

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