Some extraordinary fruits in the world.


This fruit cost between &20-$22. It was created by a Chinese farmer in the year 2009. The farmer prepares a mould and fixed it around the fruit right after it begins to yield fruit. They fruit has a myth behind it that when one consumes it, their souls will be purified  based on the buddha shape of it.

I thought I have seen it all until I came across this squared watermelon. Normally, watermelons are suppose to be round but our brothers and sisters in China have decided to give us another shape. This particular watermelon is approximately $90.

The most characteristic thing about this apple is its size, since it implies twice the normal size, it can weigh one kilo per copy, they go through a rigorous selection process and the apples are washed with pure honey.

Watermelon / Square temple (approximately $ 90)

This apple is twice the size of the normal apple we see on the market. It weighs one kilo per one. The apples are washed with pure honey.