Criminals Who Invaded and Robbed Kagiso Mall Tried to Steal an Ophostry Chair and Met the Unexpected

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Crime has never had any positive outcome right from time immemorial and this is why residents and citizens of South Africa are urged to desist from engaging themselves in any form of criminal act.

Criminal activities can get one into the bad side of the law or maybe result to jungle justice or karma might decide to take its course.

Despite all the sensitization and effort by government and independent organizations to convince people to stay away from crime, it seems perpetrators are hell bent on committing them.

We would recall that popular Kagiso Mall was invaded by armed robbers yesterday. However, a video footage circulating online show the moment the thieves attempted to steal an ophostry chair through the roof of the building.

They actually stole the chair from a furniture store in the first floor of the building and tried to move it via the roof of another house in front. Meanwhile another two guys were already waiting downstairs to catch the chair while sliding down from the roof, but the chair accidentally hit of the guys on his head, he dropped on the ground and immediately became unconscious.

This is the video link to the incident below.


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