Angry Reactions After Arsenal Pleads With Premier League For Tottenham Game to be Postponed

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A section of English Premier League fans have reacted angrily to latest news that Arsenal Football team has requested their North London Derby against Tottenham be postponed because of having less number of first team players. Arsenal Head Coach, Mikel Arteta when in an interview reinstated that the club only has 12 fit outfield players in the first team.

@SkySportsPL BREAKING! 🚨 Arsenal have made a request to the Premier League for the postponement of Sunday's North London derby 👇

The rest of the first team players are either suspended, injured while others like Pierre Aubameyang and Thomas Party held up in AFCON duties. Chelsea Boss, Thomas Tuchel wasn't happy with Arsenal's request as he stated that games should only be postponed if there's an outbreak of COVID-19 virus in a teams' camp. Only one Arsenal player is sayed to have tested positive for COVID-19 virus.

When Thomas Tuchel was asked if teams are covering for injuries rather than COVID- 19 cases, Tuchel said: "I strongly, strongly hope that is not the case because I would be very angry." A section of fans have blasted Arsenal's management for latest decision which they feel shouldn't be granted.

Some of their reactions are as follows;

@arsean They have 1 player out with Covid🤣.. surely why are we allowing the Premier League to be a joke just because of Arsenal

@RyanLFC So they spent a week crying about Liverpool and are now requesting the same thing. Absolutely shameless Assna🤣🤣

@winnienjega I must admit my only team I. England has become a joke..Why can't the club use the UN-23 players

@TheChilledga Can we just cancel the season as this is getting ridiculous. Not just saying this because I am Everton fan 🤣🤣

@tonyszn Arsenal is afraid of Tottenham. Arsenal is the smallest club in London after Millwall.

@leterrislay One Covid case you have got to be kidding..They should be suspended from the League immediately

@adidayaaa Arsenal Football Club Management is a whole joke! The club should be disbanded

@rebusasa I swear Arsenal played last night without have any issues😂😂

@lesao123 Deduct them points , becoming a joke this

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