"I Will Love You On One Condition, If Only You Will Make Me Your Assistant" - Lady On Odo Fever

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You said you are single. So you went on Odo Fever to find a Date. Here is a guy, instead of you to humble yourself to win the heart of the guy, you are there giving conditions. Forgetting there are many other ladies on the same stage showing maturity and love to win the same guy.

When it's comes to Love, my brother don't pity a lady. In other words, don't fall in love with a lady because you feels like your are doing her a favor. In fact, it should be mutual connection and same feelings. 

This lady on Odo Fever Love reality show. She said her name is Jackie Banks, a Certified Ghanaian Teacher from the Volta Region.

The guy, Chris Kut mounted the stage, very optimistic of getting a Date. Not just a beautiful thus a respectful one.

Before Chris could chose one of the Five ladies, he have 2 important questions that matters to him when it comes to relationship. 

Question number One. "I am a Physiotherapist, I massage both gender. Will you be comfortable with my job?" - The guy asked. 

"If you are a physiotherapist, I will only love you on one condition. That is if you will make me your assistant. I will always be with you so you don't get tempted. I can also hold massaging oil beside you to help you". - Jackie Banks replied. With some kind of seriousness!! 

The other ladies also gave their answers with some saying they will love him for who he is because that is what will bring food on the table. The guy just noted their answers in his paper and proceeds to the next question. 

Question number Two. "Irrespective of the job you are doing. If I asked you to stop and go and do Fashion and Designing. Will you accept or you will decline?" - Chris asked again. 

"I'm a professional Teacher so I can't quite my job to learn Fashion". - Jackie Banks gave a straight answer without hesitating. This lady have been realistic ever since the show began. She speak with so kind of confidence!!

As at the time he asked the second question, he had already rejected 3 of the ladies. Remaining, Jackie Banks and Efya Harmless. 

Efya Harmless on the other hand said she is into Modeling and Fashion so that wouldn't be a big deal for her. Finally he chose Efya. 

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