5 Natural Foods That Help You Sleep Fast

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Sleep is a period when the body relax and most times the individual is not aware of what is happening around. Sleep is very essential for our body and general well being.

Howevr, some people find it difficult to sleep, which makes them take different sleeping drugs, which may have side effects. Researches have shown that certain foods have the ability to induce sleep because of their nutrirional properties (e.g melatonin, tryptophan etc.)

Below are 5 natural foods that helps you sleep fast.

1. Yoghurt

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Yoghurt is a natural food that can help to improve sleep, it is rich in calcium, which is a precursor for producing tryptophan and melatonin.

2. Banana

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Banana is rich in magnessium and pottasium properties, which help to improve sleep ny relaxing the nerves and muscles. The tryptophan content also induce sleep.

3. Oat/oat meal

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Oat meal is another healthy food that contains melatonin (an amino acid that induce sleep).

4. Poultry

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Researches have shown and proven that the tryptophan content in poultry e.g chicken, turkey etc helps to induce sleep.

5. Honey

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Honey aids sleep, this is because of the rich content of glucose and fructose, they induce sleep by redicing the amount of orexin (neurons that regulate alertness) in the body.

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