Most Educated And Talented Top Football Players In History


Despite the virtuous moves and split-second decisions that come as the result of quick thinking, many people consider football players to be undereducated, overpaid athletes that don’t invest too much in their education.

In order to break the stereotype, we are presenting you with a list of 3 famous football players that are both talented sportsmen and highly educated, at the same time.

Andres Iniesta

Regarded as one of the best players ever to grace the game, Andres Iniesta is nothing less than a legend in Spain and Catalonia. Currently at the fag end of his career, the Spaniard has almost every major accolade as a player to his name – domestic or international.

Interestingly, the former FIFA World Cup winner isn’t just a visionary on the pitch, but also a scholar off it. Iniesta holds a double degree – one in Biology and the other in Sports Science. Thus, the 36-year-old midfield maestro is nothing less than an idol to many upcoming young footballers in the world.

Juan Mata

The Spaniard has two higher education qualifications! Whilst still åplaying for the “youth team” at Real Madrid, he entered the Madrid Polytechnic, where he continued to study after moving to Valencia, and after moving to England (first to Chelsea, and then to Manchester United). As a result, Mata has degrees in sports and marketing. True, some sources report that he is a certified journalist also. 

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku,FC Inter Milan’s main striker, has a diploma in public relations and tourism. The football player also speaks six languages: Italian, English, Dutch, French, Congolese and Spanish. Polyglot, genius, great footballer