Opinion: Parents Here Are Symptoms That Tell You Your Child Is Sick


In most cases it's difficult for a parents to know when that their child is sick, even when there are healthy. While most certainly wish they did especially, when their children are ill. Babies are easily exposed to infectious agent or disease that may cause them serious illness. Generally, if your baby is active when and feeding well, it shows the that he or she is normal.

You should always monitor your child and take them to hospital for checkup, if care about your baby health, changes in body system may indicate an illness, because the immune system of a baby is not as strong as yours, so it's harder for them to fight of infection's and once they are infected with germs, it can get worse quickly.


We will be look at the symptoms that is affecting your baby's health.


This are cause by harmful germ's the can be contracted in a dirty environment, that's can lead to stomach upset, in your child's health. when this occur, he/she is vomiting green(bile)


Cough are common in our daily life but there are different type of cough that are caused by infections which can cause bad breath. In such cases your baby may be infected with germs. Depending on how often it occurs


It normal for a baby to cry, when he or she is hungry, or when they weak of stay in same position, but if they cry often, it means that he or she is may be feeling too well. When such symptoms occurs, please contact your children Doctor in immediately.


This normally occur when your baby feels upset due to tension or not comfortable. In most cases its a signs of poor health.


This normally occur when your baby usually eat habit changes or if you have to wake him or her to eat or they can't finish their food. This shows that they may be sick.


If your baby is having fever symptoms especially a high fever, try as much as possible to call your children doctor.



breathing more than 60% breaths in one minute. If a babe, develops this symptoms of fast breathing or difficult in breathing, its shows that the child health condition is not stable. If such this occur, please call your doctor immediately. If they develop any of the above signs, please call your doctor right away.

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