Burial details of 2years old boy who was found dead in a prophet's car.


Did you believe prophet E.K oppoung, the story reaching us a 2years Old boy was found dead in Prophet E.K car, this incident happen after church service of last week.

The prophet said, the car was washed and need to be dry, don't knowing there was a boy inside who at the end was found dead, prophet is saying he doesn't have knowledge about the death of the little boy.

The question is, did you believe him?

The family of the little boy has finally prepare the corps for burial, though the date is not known yet.

The flyer below shows details of the burial.

The two years old boy, by name Yiedie Bossu Boakye they is preparing to lay him off.

Ericus papa and the entire family invite you to mourn with them.

This is to warn parents of how they protect their wards, trust nobody just be your wards security at all times in order to make sure they are safe.

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