“Two New Haircuts in 2 Weeks”, Ronaldo Fans React After New Haircut.


As football resumed in the European major leagues, the games that have taken place have not been with less actions as we have seen Bayern Munich crowned German Champions, and also Liverpool crowned English Champions.

The level of football has not gone down a bit despite the stadium being empty for all the games that are being played since the return from the Corona Virus pandemic break. Also the dress sense of one of the best footballers to have played the game has not dropped a bit, after he posted on his social media accounts his new hairstyle, which you can see below:

Some days ago he made a post in shorts with white sneakers which generated so many reactions over the social media, which can be seen below:

This time around he made a post on his Twitter account, together with Columbian attacker Juan Cordrado, which he captioned and I quote, "What do you think about my look like my brother Panita" he said.

This made some fans to react, and many saying that his hair has changed so frequently, which you can see below:

What do you think about this Ronaldo's hair, is it a hit or miss? Make your opinions heard in the comments section.

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