What fans are saying about Jordan Ayew after Burnley defeated Crystal Palace



Really enjoyed Amazon's coverage tonight, thought McCoist on co-commentary was fantastic, even if I disagree with him on the Ayew incident, sounded like he enjoyed being there, massive improvement on Keown from yesterday


For all the stick he receives from some quarters .... we missed Benteke this evening. A front 3 of Zaha, Benteke and Ayew gives us more attacking options.... complement each other re strengths providing greater balance.


WTF Premier League? How’s the Ayew forearm NOT a card? Glad Burnley won just because you fcks didn’t make an accurate, consistent call!


How on Earth was Ayew not sent off for that elbow tonight, Jesus Christ, the Premier League is such a disgrace


Deffo missed Benteke, should be starting Ayew on the wing and Meyer begins Benteke


If it was unprovoked I’d be annoyed, but if ayew was kicking the shit out of him trying to get the ball id understand why he shielded the ball


Kicking the shit out of him? He was trying to get the ball which is a main part in football


Everyone did. Everyone said our business was awful at the time. Barely anyone rated Ayew & majority of us thought Cahill was uninspiring at the time

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