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The student population is often used as a measure of the size of a university. In this context, the six largest universities in the world (according to World Atlas) Have enrolment figures that are greater than one million. Let us take a look at these ivory towers.

The university with the largest student enrolment is Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). This school which is located in Delhi, India was established by an Act of the Indian Parliament in 1985. It is named after the first female prime minister of India. According to World Atlas, IGNOU has more than four million students.

Anadolu University, Turkey is one of these top universities. It began as an Academy of Commercial and Social Sciences in the mid-1900s but was elevated to the status of a university later in the century. According to its website, this school has twenty faculties and enrolment of 2.4 million students.

The third largest university is known as the California Community College System (CCCS). This is a system of colleges and vocational schools created by the state of California in the United States of America. According to the institution’s website, CCCS has more than two hundred academic programs. With its 2.1 million students, this system has the largest student population in America and one of the largest in the world.

National University of Bangladesh (NUBD) is the third most populated university in the world. According to Banglapedia, it was established at Gazipur in 1992. It runs graduate and undergraduate programs through its affiliate colleges across Bangladesh. Currently, World Atlas put the population of NUBD students at two million.

The fifth university in this category is Islamic Azad University (IAU) which is a consortium of private universities. According to its website, it was founded in 1982. The institution has its headquarters in Iran but has about thirty one campuses across the Middle East. Currently, IAU has a total enrolment of 1.5 million students.

The sixth university with a population of more than one million students is Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). This university which is located in Islamabad, Pakistan was founded in 1974. It operates in the distance learning model and currently has about 1.3 million students.

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