Dramatic Scene After a 'Mukurino' Man is Brutally Beaten by Lady For Failing to Pay For Services


Drama was witnessed in Limuru town after a lady is alleged to have attacked a 'mukurino' man and brutally beat him after he failed to pay for services.

According to witnesses, the two came out of a lodging where the lady caused the drama accusing the man of not paying for the services. The crowd gathered at the scene and tried to stop the lady who brutally beat the man.

The lady who was full of anger, she attacked the man and removed his turban from the head and she demanded to be paid. Due to shame the alleged man quickly paid for the services and he left the scene immediately.

Cases of men being embarrassed twilight girls after not paying for services have really increased to a worrying number where cases similar to these ones keeps on re-occurring each and everyday.

Many have reacted to the incident where most have been left with more questions than answers where some have been left wondering how the man managed to walk in a lodging with a lady despite some tough rules in their religion.


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