Video: What Moya David Did Inside The Flight On His Way To Mauritius

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Moya David is one of the most hardworking tiktoker from East Africa he has now fully taken tiktoker as his fulltime job. During his trip from Kenya to Mauritius he was on a mission to go and surprise two couples that is Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu who were celebrating their 13th anniversary.

Through his Instagram account Mayo David revealed the reason why he had gone to Mauritius and whom he was going to surprise. Moya David wrote as follows " I had gone all the way to Mauritius to do this". Then he posted his video surprising the Kabu's. Below is an Instagram video with full evidence.

This was one of major moves that Moya David has already done and being one the most followed tiktoker in East Africa with more than three million followers he has managed to use his influence very smart. All the best Moya David keep winning and may almighty God bless you work and stay safe. What advise can you tell Moya David?.

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