Another ‘Show down’ begins in parliament between the Minority NDC and Majority NPP

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Today Tuesday, November 30 2021, the Opposition National Democratic Congress-NDC (Minority), and the ruling New Patriotic Party –NPP (Majority) in parliament, came face to face with each other to continue the ‘battle’ to either reverse the rejected budget, or to keep it rejected.

As at 12:35 this afternoon, the chamber of parliament is empty, because the two causes (the Majority and the Minority), are in a pre-proceeding meeting with the Finance Minister Ken Ofor Attah, to deliberate on the issues surrounding the rejected 2022 budget, and to arrive at an agreement between the two caucuses.

According to JoyNews Reporter Kwesi Parker Wilson, as at the time of this report, the Minority has reduced their initial five (5) conditions set for the budget to be met before they (majority) will approve it, to three (3).

The Minority NDC has earlier described the 2022 budget as a ‘killer budget’, and that, and as far as the NDC caucus is concern, the budget is not coming back to parliament until their demands are met.

The opposition National Democratic Congress-NDC has insisted that they will not support the government’s discussion to impose a 1.75% tax on all electronic financial transactions, and that imposing this tax, would compound more hardships on Ghanaians, especially the poor.

Do you think the NDC will be able to withstand the tough pressures from their opponent the NPP Majority?

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More to come from Parliament, please to follow this page for more updates.

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