President Uhuru Kenyatta Remarks on BBI Takes New Shape as Kiambu senator says the following

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Source: Citizen TV

Yesterday when addressing the Nation in Parliament buildings, The president stated that counties lost many funds when building bridges initiative (BBI) was declared null and void by the high Court of Kenya.

Today while in the citizen TV morning show, Kimani Wamatangi who is the Kiambu County senator had a difficult time explaining what the president meant in his BBI remarks. He was quoted;

"When stated there would be constitutional change, he was referring to parliamentary process that would be instituted to realize things that were UB GBE BBI because the content was good but the way it was introduced was fault."

Many people had misinterpreted the President's speech others saying he wants to reintroduce the document that has already faced a lot of rejections from Kenyans and top political analysts.

It is good to appreciate what the government has achieved so far no matter the level of satisfaction it has achieved to the public.

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