Fella Makafui and Medikal spend lovely couple goals at beach, with Island having fun with sea sand

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Actress Fella Makafui becomes the trend on social media on sharing happy moments of her life with family and friends.

Currently,an entrepreneur, the CEO for Beauty by Fella Makafui, has made her dreams comes true.

She recently shared a photo with her hobby ,Medikal spending her nights moments in bliss. However, seem her happiness is unending. Fella drops lovely couple goals she is spending with her hobby together with Island Frimpong.

Seen with friends at the beach resort, her daughter, Island Frimpong also joins, playing with the sea sand. Fella , unfortunately shuts her down her critic, a well known blogger, "Those called celebs" for creating an expression of her being unhappy indoors. Meanwhile , family ties is beautiful moment.

View photos of she and her family

Isn't the family , a lovely one??? Let's know in the comment section and thanks for reading.

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