Is Manchester City ready for English Premier League trophy?


Man City is at the top of English Premier League with seventy four points. It is ahead of Manchester United with 8 points.

Both teams have remain with six matches to play. Man City is to face Aston villa, Crystal Palace, Chelsea, Newcastle, Brighton and lastly Everton.

On the other hand, Manchester United is to face Leads, Liverpool, Aston villa, Leicester, Fulham and lastly Wolves.

For Man City to be safe, it must win four matches which may be tough to Guardiola as he is concentrating on three trophies that is ; UEFA champion league, English Premier League and EFL Cup.

On the other hand, Manchester United can only Win English Premier League trophy if it wins all six matches as Man City looses three matches.

Manchester united is concentrating on two trophies that is English Premier League and Europa League. Therefore it may be difficult for them to win all six remaining matches.

Do you think Man City will loose three matches and Manchester United wins all six matches?