Maalim Says Deputy President Does Not Appear On The Ballot & It's Only The President Who's Elected

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President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President Dr William Ruto during their campaign season in 2017. (Photo courtesy).

The Former Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim, has claimed that the Deputy President is not elected in Kenya as some of the current Deputy President Dr William Ruto are saying.

Speaking on an interview with TV47, Maalim claims that it is only the president who is being elected in the country in a general election, while the Deputy President is just therefore and does not appear on the ballot during elections.

Maalim argued that the Deputy President cannot claim to have been elected because he was just there as a running mate. The person who is elected into presidency is the President and he comes in and take all the powers.

The President is the one who is elected and he comes in with all legitimacy to talk on everything in government. Therefore the Deputy President remains just there as the assistant to the President who can decide to involve or sideline him or her in leadership.

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