Fans Call On Twene Janas To Explain This Photo Of Black Homeless People On The Street Of US


A huge debate has set social media on fire over a photo of homeless black people spotted sleeping on the street of US. It has sparked confusion as some session of Ghanaians are calling on a young Ghanaian actor, movie producer and director who currently resides in the United States and managed to gain some sort of popularity with his self-recorded videos, well-noted for trolling Ghana as he compares the West African state's level of development to that of America, Jonas Twene, popularly known between a lot of tags including "Didi Free", "Glass Nkoaa", "24/7 The System is Working", as he amassed a huge following on social media, many of which agree with what he says about African leaders and African politics, to explain into details the root of the photo.

This young guy has made some Ghanaians to believe that living in Ghana is like living in hell and living in Europe is like living in heaven as he continues to mount pressure on African leaders especially Ghanaian leaders until they develop their country and make the system work.

In the photo, you can see there's no white man only black man, alleged to be imigrants who traveled there as refugees, from Africa continent as their country prolly not giving them the cake meant for them to bite, spotted on the bare floor which looks neat and nice but the black has littered the place, consider the floor and what they (black people) have done to the gutters around them, they were found covering themselves with luxury blankets and next to them is bottled water.

The photo which is making waves on the internet depicts something like; My boyfriend travels Abroad, my brother lives Europe, my son is in Overseas, my husband is not in Ghana he is in America as they say "the system is working 24/7", the photo tells it all. When they send you fanciful videos, making

you feel very useless, making your country feel useless, do not quiver, nowhere is perfect, verywhere in the world got its own problems as we all know.

Although I have never seen homeless people in Ghana with blankets and bottled water, even to be able to afford sachet water 0.20 pesewas is a headache, moreover in Ghana 'Atekye nkoaa' but shouldn't tell you "glass nkoaa" people are really nailing it.

This situation has caused mixed reactions on the internet and one of the funniest comment I came across is, "The poorest person in Europe is the richest person in Africa", It’s like my brother in some unknown village in Germany is richer than Kwame Despite? Hahaha..., so I said when are we going to learn not to belittle ourselves?

Many were on record to have also said, they will prefer sleeping on that pavement over sleeping in an air conditioned room in Ghana, seems it's better to sleep outside and all you need is a blanket and at least you will get bottle water to drink without mosquitoes than to sleep in mansion of mosquitoes infested in Ghana not to talk of outside choke gutters.

People should understand that criticizing your country is not the same thing as feeling inferior about it, Ghana would have been a nice place to live if our institutions were as efficient as compare to US. We still have a long way to go and there are many problems to be solved.

What Twene Jonas is pushing for is basic basic things like constant potable water supply, constant electricity, eradication of schools under trees, stop of galamsay, effective and efficient public transport, good basic health care, and other normal social interventions.