21 Random And Unexpected Facts Which You Might Not Know

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If you are interested in knowing some very entertaining facts then you have come to the right place. We have gathered a list of some of the strangest facts you probably never knew about.

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Abraham Lincoln was a very accomplished wrestler. He only lost once in over 300 matches.

2. The Earth is the furthest from the sun during the summer months ( even though its hotter )

3. Charles Darwin and Einstein married their cousins.

4. Your tongue print is as unique as your fingerprint.

5. There was 87 days between two twins. This being the longest time ever between the birth of twins.

6. Cats kill anywhere between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds each year.

7. No word in the English language will rhyme with “wolf ” . Go ahead and try!

8. Humans have many more senses than 5. Some scientists say that we may actually have more than 20.

9. If you dropped a penny from the Empire State Building it would not kill anyone, despite theories that it can.

10. Richard Nixon had a very strange favorite snack. It was cottage cheese with ketchup on top!

11. There is not a single bridge going across the Amazon river.

12. 74 liter’s per citizen per year. This is the amount of wine consumed in the Vatican City. The most in any country in the world.

13. The color red does not actually make a bull angry. In fact they can barely perceive color at all.

14. Did you know that ducks can keep their eyes open under water? This is due to a sideways eyelid.

15. A giant fungus is the largest living organism on the Earth right now.

16. Bats are not actually blind.

17. Gunpei Yokoi user to be a janitor at Nintendo. Until he invented the Gameboy.

18. The largest organ is actually not inside your body. Your skin is your largest organ.

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