Video of Nhlanhla Lux closing down a Mozambican shop for selling rotten products and dagga.

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Operation Dudula and Nhlanhla Lux have decided to put their words into action as they set an example to all illegal immigrants who are staying in South Africa that they are not going to leave any stone unturned. There is a trending video of Nhlanhla Lux and Operation Dudula closing down a shop of a Mozambican illegal immigrant who was selling rotten products to the South African people of Seshego. 


In the video, we saw the rotten bread that had turned green due to moisture as well as so many products that had cockroaches running all over them. The people of Seshego were very happy because the Mozambicans were also selling dagga to the young children of Seshego. 


Our government does not understand the challenges that ordinary people face, such as expired food and drugs that society is facing. Our brothers from outside are killing us, and our health authorities in this country are sleeping giants. Never once do I see health authorities condemning overdue foods on store shelves, and yet people are dying of curable and lifestyle diseases. Let's not be ignorant about this burning issue. We are what we eat, so our health is our wealth. Let's all raise and get rid of all the overdue foods in stores now before it's too late.


This is still going to happen unless the government can control the number of these Pakistani shops in the area so that even our locals can have an opportunity to make business, because we as black people do the work and give the money away, but we are not making business because there is no space for it. And the problem is that these foreign nationals don't care about us and our health. That's why they don't mind selling us rotten products and fake products because all they want is money. "said South African citizens. 



Do you think that Operation Dudula, along with Nhlanhla Lux, is going to succeed in this alone? What is it that they do to gain the support of the government officials to fight and close down all the foreign-owned businesses that are selling fake and expired products to the people? Please leave your views in the comment section below. 


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