"We Will Stop Campaign For You" Ruto Dealt A Blow As Mt Kenya Affiliates Threaten To Ditch KKA

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Self proclaim chief hustler campaigner William Samoei has today been dealt a blow after various political outfits from Mt Kenya Within KKA threaten that they will no longer campaign for him if he continues humiliating them.

This come after United Democratic Alliance party leader William Ruto and his fellow counter parts accused of campaigning for only for UDA candidates by neglecting other party aspirants. They have also admit has been asking affiliated party contenders to step down or resign in favour of UDA, something that has causes tension and distress in Kenya Kwanza camp

While speaking in TV 47, Farmers party leader Irungu Nyakera has therefore issued a stern warning to Ruto that should he refuse to stop molesting affiliate parties then they will remain no other option than to stop campaigning for him or ditch the party.

However Chairman of United Democratic party Johnson Muthama has dismissed these allegations saying that all those parties claiming that their candidates are being zoned depends on UDA for their political success. Muthama has therefore advised all the parties having issues that they should always remember that William Ruto is their presidential candidate hence they should give him full support rather than compalining. Source link: https://fb.watch/debt7DGthK/

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