My Boyfriend Threatens to Give Me Just 2 Megabytes of Data Bundle per Week - Lady Cries Out

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I am Akos. I live in a small town near Anomabo in the Central Region. My boyfriend lives and works in Cape Coast. He works with one of the telecommunication companies in the country. From the time we started dating, he has been giving me a data bundle allowance of 2 gigabytes every week.

Just yesterday, something happened that made him threaten to begin to send me only 2 megabytes of data bundle per week. This has really devastated me. I've called to beg him severally but he is still bent on his decision. Even last night I couldn't sleep well because of that. I think he is not being fair to me. This is what happened:

For the past one month, I've become fond fond of watching Opera News videos. The videos are so interesting that I can't stay for an whole hour without watching them. This has increased my data bundle demand. I called my boyfriend to plead with him to increase by data bundle allowance to 3 gig per week.

At first, he didn't want to accept, but upon further persuasions, he did. He promised that the raise would take effect from last Monday. I was delighted that I would be able to watch more interesting videos.

Two days ago, I saw the notification that he had sent the 3 gig data bundle. I planned to call to inform him that I had seen it. It however excaped me because I was carrying out a task for my grandmother.

Just yesterday evening, he called to inform me that, because I didn't call to confirm that I had received the bundle, he would thenceforth send me only 2 megabytes of data bundle per week. This is so not fair.

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